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Creative Consultant for Wedding Venues

Franc offers a service to wedding venues. He will evaluate a location, either a traditional venue or an unserviced area that you wish to create into a wedding venue. He puts together a survey and give advice on using the space to its best potential. Franc is a master of visualising spaces and bringing out the very best a place has to offer. Franc has worked on many venues in Ireland and abroad advising on changes to properties to create a more unique experience for the couple and in so doing so increasing the amount of weddings within the property. Some venues have so much to offer but need a new pair of eyes to look at their property in a completely new way. This is what franc does best. Not only from the interior design aspect but from the landscaping to the food offerings. We always look for a unique selling point for your property to make it stand out from other properties. Each wedding Venue is designed for the setting. Giving a venue the wow factor and something that no-one has ever experienced before is what we do best. Through the eyes of Franc, your dream location can become truly yours.

“It is your time to lead, not follow!” Franc

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